Refining.Finance (REFI)

What Is REFI?

Refining is an innovative Ethereum token, that changed the idea of Defi yield generations. In its main function, (REFI) charges a 2% transaction fee that will be distributed to all REFI token holders.

The distribution mechanism is done in the smart contract on each block, all fees generated from transactions go to holders of the Token.

REFI is changing the way we look to Defi and yield farming, therefore Refining.Finance does not need to have a staking platform that all rewards is being distributed to holders automatically.

Token holders will see notice the increase in REFI Token in their wallet without the need for transactions as all of those rewards will be allocated by the smart contract for all token holders.

Deflationary Token

REFI is a deflationary token where coins are reducing whenever a transaction occurs. This process is done by instantly burning 2% from the supply relatively from each transaction. This method provides a safe store of value when the supply is reducing slowly over time.

Limited Supply

REFI Token has a very limited supply. There is only 10 000 token that could ever be created. Low supply coins inherently have high returns. Therefore those types of token attract investors around Defi space which increase the demand for a small supply.

Enhanced Yield Earning

Enhanced staking rewards by earning on each transaction that occurs on REFI Token. The smart contract will determine the fees for each holder and provide those rewards accordingly. Distribution fees are transparent and can be verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

40% Uniswap Listing

4,000 REFI Token will be provided to Uniswap paid REFI/ETH. Liquidity pool token will be Locked by developers so those LP can’t be redeemed or pulled out from the pool.

40% Presale

4,000 REFI Token presale will help raise funding for Refining Finance. All ETH gathered in the presale will be added to the liquidity pair in Uniswap pool. Transactions are transparent on the Ethereum Blockchain network for further verification. The developer will announce the date of Uniswap Listing in the Telegram channel.

15% Marketing

1,500 REFI are allocated budget for marketing on different cryptocurrencies marketplace and channels. Adding on Collaborating with influencers on You-Tube having Crypto-related audience and Crypto Defi-related contents.

5% Developer team

500 REFI. Refining Finance team consists of two hard-working developers. The team has been in cryptocurrency since 2016, obtained along the way large experience in the cryptocurrencies ecosystem.



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Refining Finance

Refining Finance

Refining (REFI) is a Token that rewards holders from each transaction that occurs.